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Irish Whiskey

Whiskey for Beginners

The resurgence, the revival, the renaissance and more of Whiskey, there’s a whole wide world of whiskey out there, but...

Rye Whiskey

Kooper Family Barrel Reserve Rye

Kooper Family Barrel Reserve Rye made by the Kooper Family, based out of Waco, Texas, and they bring together this...

Irish Whiskey

What is Poitín? The baby brother of Irish whiskey

What is Poitín? The first records of Poitín date back to the 1st century AD in Ireland and is the precursor to whiskey...

Irish Whiskey

The Irish Whiskey Mule Cocktail Recipe

Ever heard of an Irish Whiskey Mule, or the more delicious Irish Sour? These drinks aren't only drank on St Patrick’s...

Irish Whiskey

Molly Malone Whiskey Is Launched

Molly Malone whiskey is distilled using Irish techniques to target Irish American consumers. Small Batch is from...

Irish Whiskey

Egan's Centenary Limited Edition Review

Egan's Centenary Limited Edition release marks 100 years since the passing of their Irish founder Henry Egan - a spirit...

Irish Whiskey

Distillery Plants 2,000 Trees For Future Casks

Boann Distillery in County Meath is making the drive to plant 2,000 trees as part of a new sustainability drive.

Irish Whiskey

Teeling Wonders of Wood First Edition

Teeling Wonders of Wood First Edition a recipe of 50/50 malted & unmalted barley, triple distilled and matured in...

Irish Whiskey

Sailor's Home The Journey Whiskey

Sailor's Home The Journey - triple cask-aged Irish Whiskey, triple distilled, a mash bill of malted and unmalted Irish...

Irish Whiskey

Egan's Conviction Irish Whiskey Review

Egan’s Conviction 10-year-old Irish whiskey is a blend of single malt and single grain Irish whiskey aged at least 10...