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American Whiskey

Bootlegger Liberation: Exploring how prohibition changed whisky production

The history of Bourbon whiskey dates back centuries, with the spirit having its roots in Scotland and Ireland....

American Whiskey

Uncorked: Exploring What’s Next for Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon whiskey is an American-style of whiskey that has been distilled from a mash made up of at least 51% corn. Its...

Bourbon Whiskey

Willett to invest $93m in Kentucky distillery

Willett the American whiskey producers, who already have a facility in Bardstown, Kentucky, will build a new...

Bourbon Whiskey

Matthew McConaughey and Wild Turkey end partnership

Sometimes even the best things must come to an end. I found out that Matthew McConaughey and Wild Turkey will call it...

American Whiskey

Diageo Acquires Balcones Distillery

Diageo Acquires Balcones Distillery, has made this week one of the biggest for American whiskey/whisky news.

American Whiskey

America - Whiskey's Adopted Home

America Whiskey's Adopted Home. Despite popular belief, bourbon actually has a rich, aromatic history that dates back...

American Whiskey

Can Bourbon Only Be Made In Kentucky?

Can Bourbon Only Be Made In Kentucky? Kentucky is most definitely the undisputed homeland of bourbon, but many other...

Irish Whiskey

Whiskey for Beginners

The resurgence, the revival, the renaissance and more of Whiskey, there’s a whole wide world of whiskey out there, but...

American Whiskey

Old Forester Bourbon Whisky Review

Back in 1870, Old Forester bourbon whisky was first created by George Garvin Brown, the founder of the Brown-Forman...

Bourbon Whiskey

How To Make An Old Fashioned Cocktail

An Old Fashioned Cocktail hits all those marks. I recommend starting with top ingredients, such as your favourite...