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Irish Whiskey

Teeling Whiskey Rising Reserve

I've been waiting for this one, and it's none other than the complex flavours of the Teeling Whiskey Rising Reserve, 21...

Irish Whiskey

Teeling Whiskey Distillery

Teeling Whiskey Distillery is a family-owned distillery located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. Founded in 2012 by...

Irish Whiskey

The Irish Whiskey Renaissance: Examining the Revolution in Whiskey-Making

Irish whiskey has a long and proud history of production, stretching back to the early 1700s when distillation started...

Irish Whiskey

Top Whiskeys for Christmas 2022

You won't want to miss my list of the Best Irish Whiskeys for Christmas 2022 that I've put up! For you, Santa, or as a...

Irish Whiskey

Teeling Blackpitts Cask Strength Release

Following Teeling Whiskey's Blackpitts Peated Single Malt, there is a new bolder variation on the horizon, Teeling...

Irish Whiskey

Teeling Wonders of Wood First Edition

Teeling Wonders of Wood First Edition a recipe of 50/50 malted & unmalted barley, triple distilled and matured in...

Irish Whiskey

Teeling Single Malt Renaissance Series 4

The Teeling Single Malt Renaissance Series 4, has been matured in ex-bourbon barrels before receiving an extra...


The Pot Still PodCask Episode 4: Teeling Whiskey - Chris Hayes

On this episode of The Pot Still PodCask, I chatted with Chris Hayes, European brand ambassador at Teeling Whiskey.

Irish Whiskey

Teeling 13-Year-Old Single Grain Bordeaux Wine Cask

Ireland's most progressive Irish whiskey company releases its new Teeling 13-Year-Old Single Grain Bordeaux Wine Cask.

Irish Whiskey

Teeling Releases Special Birthday Batch Bottle

Teeling Whiskey's 6th birthday, has released an extra special vatting of Dublin distilled Single Pot Still and Single...